Javascript News Last Week(Oct) – Next v10, Node v15, JS package finder

1.The latest version of Next.js is here with great new features.

  • Automatically optimise images 
  • React 17 support
  • Fast Refresh for MDX

If you want more details on what are the changes done in this release check the link below

2. Node v15 is released with new features like,

  • Updated handling of rejections
  • Refinement of the Async Local Storage APIs
  • N-API Version 7
  • npm 7

You can always check the official documentation for details about the new changes, the link is below.

3. Managing state in react application is a very important part of React developers life. So we have Reactime to make it bit easy

  • Reactime aims to improve the state debugging workflow by equipping developers with a robust suite of visualizations of their application’s state.

4. Javascript has many open source packages but what is the best way to search them? Here is Skypack Discover

  • Discover combines human-reviewed package recommendations with a quality-focused search algorithm to help you find the best JavaScript packages, faster than ever.

5. Want to learn how to build great looking and functional Angular Dashboard with Material and Cube.js. Then this is a very detailed tutorial for the same check the link below.

6. If you want to know what are the things which Vue.js does better than React

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