Javascript News 5th Week(Oct) – New React Docs beta is live, Next.js 12 – “biggest release ever”, How to cancel an HTTP request in Node.js, What’s New in Gatsby 4

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1. New React Docs beta is live! Covers function components, hooks, rendering, state updates, and other key concepts

Post credit: u/acemarke

2. Next.js 12 – “biggest release ever”

  1. Rust Compiler: ~3x faster Fast Refresh and ~5x faster builds
  2. Middleware (beta): Enabling full flexibility in Next.js with code over configuration
  3. React 18 Support: Native Next.js APIs are now supported, as well as Suspense

3. Trie in Javascript: the Data Structure behind Autocomplete

4. What every JavaScript developer should know about Unicode

5. The Talk That Made Me Finally Understand How the Event Loop Works

6. How to cancel an HTTP request in Node.js

7. What’s New in Gatsby 4

  1. Deferred Static Generation (DSG)
  2. Server-Side Rendering (SSR)
  3. Parallel Query Running

8. Over 100 Algorithms and Data Structures Demonstrated in JS

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