Javascript News 4th Week(Sep) – Story of 5 RCEs Found in npm for $15,000, ChowJS: an AOT JavaScript engine for game consoles, Gatsby 4, now in Beta

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1. The Story of 5 RCEs Found in npm for $15,000

  • Around the middle of July, GitHub launched a private bug bounty program that focused on the npm CLI.
  • In this article author will discuss the root cause of these vulnerabilities, as well as briefly walk through the exploitation process

2. Tasuku (タスク): A Minimal Task Runner for Node

  • タスク (Tasuku) is a minimal task runner for Node.js. You can use it to label any task/function so that its loading, success, and error states are rendered in the terminal.

3. Gatsby 4, now in Beta, combines the control and scalability of server-side rendering with the performance of static-site generation, creating a whole new web of possibilities.

4. Awesome Node: Almost 600 Curated Node Packages, Resources and Links

  • Curating the best Node.Js modules and resources

5. ChowJS: an AOT JavaScript engine for game consoles

  1. ChowJS is a fast AOT engine for JavaScript. It has the following features:
  • Support for modern JavaScript including ES2020.
  • Runs on PCmobile and console platforms (same platform backends as Chowdren).
  • Uses an AOT compiler to generate fast machine code using an SSA IR.

For more details check out the article link below,

6. Electron 15.0.0. released with changes like,

  1. nativeWindowOpen: true is no longer experimental, and is now the default.
  2. Added safeStorage string encryption API
  3. Added resize edge info to BrowserWindow‘s will-resize event.

7. Using Recoil instead of Redux For State Management In React Applications.

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