Javascript News 4th Week(Oct) – Visual Studio Code for the Web, Remix Project Gets $3M in Seed Funding, ESLint v8.0.0 released, Chaotic JavaScript Patterns

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1. Now you can have Visual Studio Code for the Web using

Fast forward to today. Now when you go to, you’ll be presented with a lightweight version of VS Code running fully in the browser. Open a folder on your local machine and start coding.

No install required.

2. The Remix Project Gets $3M in Seed Funding

3. Chaotic JavaScript Patterns

4. Node v17.0.0 (Current)

5. ESLint v8.0.0 released

  1. Autofix can now remove unused disable directives when --fix and --report-unused-disable-directives are used together.
  2. The use of reserved words as identifiers in ES3 is now disallowed. This change only affects users with default parser configured with { "ecmaVersion": 3 } in parser options.

6. Six Concrete Tips That Will Make Your React Pull Requests Easier To Review

7. How to replace useState with useRef and be a winner

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