Javascript News 4th Week(Jun) – Benchmarking JavaScript Memory Usage, Most Popular JS Frameworks, Approved ES2021 features, 50 JS Best Practice Rules to Write Better Code, Liquid Swipe – React Native

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1. The Most Popular JavaScript Frameworks – 2011/2021

2. Div.js – A framework for the HTML programming language.

Use Demo:
Simply add the is attribute to your divs to imbue them with free functionality, semantics, and accessibility.

<div is="h1">Hello world!</div>
<div is="p">This is a <div is="b">bold</div> paragraph.</div>
<div is="ol">
  <div is="li">This is a list item.</div>
  <div is="li">This is a list item.</div>
  <div is="li">This is a list item.</div>

3. ES2021 features list as approved by the ECMA General Assembly!

4. 50 Javascript Best Practice Rules to Write Better Code

5. Liquid Swipe – “Can it be done in React Native?”

6. Storybook 6.3 is out now with new CSS tools, test utils, and revamped integrations

7. Benchmarking JavaScript Memory Usage

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