Javascript News 4th Week(Jan) – Node v15.6.0 released, TypeScript 4.2 Beta, Javascript course by the creator of Redux

1.Node v15.6.0 (Current) Released with AbortSignal support for a fork for more details check the link below.

2.Microsoft announced TypeScript 4.2 Beta, Below are some new changes coming with 4.2

  1. Leading/Middle Rest Elements in Tuple Types
  2. Smarter Type Alias Preservation
  3. Template Literal Expressions Have Template Literal Types
  4. Stricter Checks for the in Operator

For more details on the beta release check the official document link is given below.

3. Going to upgrade to React 17? Here is an article that will tell you how to fix the Issues and breaking changes when upgrading to React 17.

4. Most React developers would have had this question sometime Why React Context is not a state management tool. So for those who want to know WHY? here is an article with a detailed answer for the same.

5. This article is something which I was personally searching for, A question that what is the life of a good javascript developer looks like so this is the article by the man behind Redux and currently working with React team. Dan Abramov

6. By chance if you have read the story above and impressed with the work of Dan. Then here is the tutorial series he started and which I feel the best way to learn Javascript.

I think if you are started learning Javascript then you should give this at least a chance it is still in progress but it is awesome. Most Important currently it is FREE.

7. Google cloud function now has added support for Node JS 14. Check the article below for more details on the same

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