Javascript News 4th Week(Dec) – Modular AWS SDK for JavaScript, Options for Moment.js, Style console.log

1.Modular AWS SDK for JavaScript is now generally available. Below is the list of things which are new with this AWS SDK

  • Modular Packages
  • Middleware Stack
  • First-class TypeScript support

You can visit this official link and check in detail.

2. Here is an interesting study done by a design company called Cyber-Duck to measure increased people’s blood pressure when they see super-annoying issues, such as slow load times, auto-play music, and pop-ups

3. An very interesting experiment by google. Using machine learning and web audio technology. You should check this one it is fun.

4. If you use Moment.js, like we all do because it is the popular date and time manipulation library.

But here are the few options which you can consider to replace Moment.js, This article will you some option which you can use to replace Moment.JS

5. JSitor – online Js editor with numerous layouts, very responsive autocomplete, and iOS and Android apps too.

New releases this week


1.“Write code. Not too much. Mostly functions.”

2. Advanced TypeScript Type Tricks

3. Most developers don’t know this, that you can console.log output can be styled with CSS

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