Javascript News 4th Week(Aug) – What’s New In DevTools (Chrome 94), Optimizing React apps: Hardcore edition, A future for SQL on the web

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1. Microsoft and Google have collaborated to bring native support for CSS modules to Chromium, available in Edge and Chrome 93.

2. Optimizing React apps: Hardcore edition

3. What’s New In DevTools (Chrome 94) – Chrome Developers

4. REAFLOW: Node-Based Visualizations for React

5. A future for SQL on the web

6. Linaria 2.1 – Zero-Runtime CSS in JS

  • Write CSS in JS and get real CSS files during the build. Use dynamic prop based styles with the React bindings and have them transpiled to CSS variables automatically. Great productivity with source maps and linting support.

7. A Visual Guide to React Rendering – It Always Re-renders

8. React Security Crash Course 2021

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