Javascript News 3rd Week(Oct) – Parcel v2, command-line tool for learning programming interactively, NPM is down, VS Code Extension For Traversing Your React Component Hierarchy

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1. Announcing Parcel v2!

What’s new in Parcel 2?

  1. An all new plugin system, which makes Parcel fully extensible. This allows Parcel to scale from small side projects to massive production applications with complex build requirements.
  2. Tree shaking is enabled by default, including support for ES modules, CommonJS, dynamic imports, and CSS modules.
  3. Massive performance improvements, including a new JavaScript compiler written in Rust, and a more parallelized architecture that takes advantage of all of your CPU cores.

2. Rover by AcademyJS: Rover is a command-line tool for learning programming interactively.

a free open-source tool for practicing JavaScript

3. NPM is down

4. Mantine 3.0 is out – 120+ hooks and components with dark theme support

5. Introducing Sapling, A VS Code Extension For Traversing Your React Component Hierarchy

6. ReacType 8.0: Your Preferred React Prototyping Tool Now Exports With Tests

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