Javascript News 3rd Week(Nov) – TypeScript v4.1, Prettier 2.2, Node v15.3.0 released

1.Popular language for Javascript with type takes next setup with there latest release i.e TypeScript 4.1. Below are the few things which are newly introduced in v4.1.

New Features

  1. Template Literal Types
  2. Key Remapping in Mapped Types
  3. Recursive Conditional Types
  4. Checked Indexed Accesses

For more details please visit the official documentation

2. Most popular plugin for VS code at least for me. Get’s new version update with Prettier 2.2 with support for new Javascript parser. For more details please check the official link

3. It’s been a few months that Vue v3.0 is around. If you still haven’t got the change to look into the new things introduce in v3.0 well then this article will explain to you the new changes with example. Check it out

4. Chakra UI gets an update with version 1.0. If you don’t know what Chakra UI it is “a simple, modular and accessible component library that gives you the building blocks you need to build your React applications.”

5. If you want to build awesome looking tables in React. Check out this Medium article which uses React Table library for creating a table in React.

6. Node v15.3.0 (Current) is released with few minor changes like

  • Now you can cancel DNS queries made by the resolver
  • http.request has gained support for aborting requests with AbortSignal
  • readline.getPrompt will return the current prompt

Check the link for more details on that.

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