Javascript News 3rd Week(Mar) – ECMAScript 2021 final set of features, Colourful cheatsheet for AngularJS, React clean code, Non-blocking I/O and how Node uses it

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  1. ECMAScript 2021 the final set of features. for all who are interested in “What exactly will be there in the new ECMAScript version ?”

2. Hybrids 5.0 : Creating web components with plain objects and functions

3. React State: A simple and easy to follow breakdown

4. Relay Hooks in Relay v11.0: is a set of new, rethought APIs for fetching and managing GraphQL data using React Hooks.

5. Colourful PDF cheatsheet for AngularJS

6. Writing clean code is important for every developer so here is the article for React Clean Code.

7. Non-blocking I/O and how Node uses it, in friendly terms

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