Javascript News 3rd Week(Jun) – Next.js 11 released, The Art of Frontend Engineering, Memory Inspector -Chrome Developers, Utopia A design and coding environment for React

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1. Next.js 11 released with key highlights like,

  1. Conformance:  A system that provides carefully crafted solutions to support optimal UX.
  2. Improved Performance: Further optimizations to improve cold startup time so you can start coding faster.
  3. next/script: Automatically prioritize loading of third-party scripts to improve performance.
  4. Webpack 5: Now enabled by default for all Next.js applications, bringing these benefits to all Next.js developers.

2. Utopia: A design and coding environment for React projects and components that run in the browser

It combines VSCode with a design and preview tool, and full two-way synchronisation: design and code update each other, in real-time.

3. The Art of Frontend Engineering

4. Journey of Improving React App Performance by 10x

5. Introducing Astro: Ship Less JavaScript
A new kind of static site builder that delivers lightning-fast performance with a modern developer experience.

6. Vue.js 3.1.0 (Pluto) Released

7. Introducing the Memory Inspector

Social Network Post Picks Of This Week

1. Go-to website when looking for a particular component
Looking for the best one. What does that mean?

  • has a good, intelligent search
  • shows alternatives
  • lots of components
  • up-to-date


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