Javascript News 3rd Week(Jan) – Angular 10 vs Angular 11, Javascript Cheatsheet, Snowpack v3

1.For all the Angular developers out there here is the side by side comparison between Angular 10 vs Angular 11

2. As a Javascript developer we have too many use full things in JS which is not very easy to remember. So this is the Javascript cheatsheet that will help you in your day to day JS development.

Credit: Mostafa (Reddit)

3. For all the developers out there who use VS Code with material icons. Here is a Chrome extension that will change GitHub icons to the material icons. Check the below link for more details.

4. More than 150 Javascript question with explanation. Check out the link

5. Snowpack v3 is here with the biggest ever update by the team. With brand new features including

  1. Pre-bundled Streaming imports – Import any npm package, on-demand.
  2. Integrated build optimizations – Built-in bundling, preloading, minification, and more.
  3. JavaScript API – Integrate with Snowpack’s brand new native JS API.
  4. Node.js Runtime API – Import your Snowpack-built files directly into Node.js.

6. Creator of React leaves Facebook

JS Tutorial 

1.A step by step guide to creating a compiler in Javascript

2. Coding a Piano with React JS

3.  Fixing memory leaks in web applications

4. Top libraries for Iframes in React

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