Javascript News 3rd Week(Feb) – The story of the creator of Javascript, Ways to handle SEO with VueJS, Interview with Creator of Node.js

1.A full story of the creator of the Javascript Brendan Eich. This is must watch for all the Javascript developers out there,

2. eBay’s open-source JavaScript UI framework Marko gets new release v5. It comes with the changes like,

  • New Compiler
  • Improved CLI

Check out the link for more detail on the same.

3. Modern React Redux Toolkit – Login & User Registration Tutorial and Example

4. A article on, 4 ways to handle SEO with VueJS (even without Node SSR)

5. ReacType 5.0: Prototype your React applications without writing a line of code. What is the new feature it comes with? Below is the list and for more details link also provided.

  • React components can now be prototyped and exported in Gatsby.js.
  • React components can be constructed from both top-down and bottom-up.
  • UI/UX revamp integrates universal design sensibilities for web applications.

6. A javascript article on mass function overloading: why and how?

7. Do you use React hooks in your projects? We have a great resource for that, Checkout the link for the resource By- Sébastien Castiel

8. Interview with Ryan Dahl, Creator of Node.js

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