Javascript News 3rd Week(Dec) – Build React component visually, Lazy-load, App Script IDE, Deno v1.6

1.So you are React developer and want a tool where you can build react component visually? Here is Visly, a tool which will help you create react component and main part it is free for use and also they have pro version for the same. Check the link below for more details.

2. Lazy-load non-critical resources: As a front end developer we know that we have to load too much code to get everything working but in some cases, we don’t have to load some that which we can load when it is really needed so here comes the lazy load in picture

below the link of the article which will take deep dive in lazy-load by- Addy Osmani

3. Google’s AppScript is here for a decade. So now Google has released a new IDE for App Script. Check the link for more details.

4. Deno v1.6.0 is here with some major updates like

  • Build self contained, standalone binaries
  • Built-in Deno Language Server
  • Experimental support for Mac Arm64

5. “The most common mistakes I found while writing React components, why they are mistakes and how to avoid or fix them.”


1.How to use forEach() in JS.

2. [100% OFF] JavaScript Fundamentals: A Course for Absolute Beginners

3. “What JavaScript features you should be familiar with when learning and using React”

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