Javascript News 3rd Week(Aug) – React native v0.65, React Navigation 6.0, Next.js 11.1 Released, React CONF 2021 call for speakers, Creating Our Own React From Scratch

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1. The Next.js team works towards replacing Babel with SWC. Also, experimental ES Modules support.

2. Creating Our Own React From Scratch

3. React Navigation 6.0 is live with highlights like,

  1. More flexible navigators
  2. Elements library
  3. New Group component for organization

4. React native v0.65 stable is here

5. How to publish Node.js Docker images to Docker Hub registry using GitHub Actions

6. React CONF 2021 call for speakers.

7. bloop – the library assistant for JS and Typescript devs

What bloop does,

  • Get code examples for popular NPM libraries. As you type, bloop searches in the background for useful code snippets from documentation and Open Source.
  • If you’re unsure which method to use, use bloop’s search to discover libraries and methods, and click through to find useful example code.

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