Javascript News 2st Week(Jan) – Zero-Bundle-Size React Server Components, Animation Toolkit, Node January 2021 Security Releases

1. As promised Node January 2021 Security Releases are here with new versions all around Node i.e

  • Node 15.5.1
  • Node 14.15.4
  • Node 12.20.1
  • Node 10.23.1

2. React has come up with Zero-Bundle-Size React Server Components. This is still in development but React official site has given some early demo video check out by clicking on the below link

3. AnimXYZ: A animation toolkit that helps you create, customize, and compose animations for your website.

Checkout the official link for more details.

4. Building and deploying a simple news app using NextJS. This is a full video tutorial with very good quality content you should check out if you are into NextJS.

5. npm gets the new release v7.3.0 with changes like

  • npm config now supports getting & setting multiple values at once (ex. npm config get foo bar baz & npm config set [email protected] _auth=xxxx)
  • npm rebuild now accepts paths as an argument (ex. npm rebuild ./node_modules/foo/)

6. Another article for NextJS developer. 10 Next.js Tips You Might Not Know!

7. unDraw: In web development or any other application development images plays a very important role. Here is unDraw an awesome open-source illustration site.

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