Javascript News 2nd Week(Nov) – Node JS v15.1.0, AI techniques, Security practices in JS

1.Node JS v15.1.0 released with some minor changes including Diagnostics channels – a new experimental module for creating named channels to pass diagnostics messages.

With diagnostics_channel, Node.js core and module authors can publish contextual data about what they are doing at a given time.

Note: Node JS v15.2.0 is released but it does not have any big change.

2. Bored of doing everyday office work? Want to challenge your coding skills? Here is the article which will guide you to create Mancala bot using AI techniques in Javascript.

Note: For those who don’t know what Mancala is? it is board game check the link for more details

3. As a developer we should know how we can increase the security of the application we are developing. Because security is becoming more and more important.

Here is the article with 10 React security best practices.

4. Check out Flicking a slider component which supports React, Angular, Vue javascript framework and as claimed by the team it is used by 30 million people every day. Check the link below for documentation.

5. Equal UI for Vue 3 released! Equal UI is a components framework for Vue 3 based on TypeScript. Check out the detailed documentation.

6. Want to create Serverless front end application in React here is the article which will guide you in this process and will tell you how this can be achieved. Check the link below for more details.

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Note: Next week will be a Diwali festival in India because of which Javascript news article will not be published.

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