Javascript News 2nd Week(May) – Angular v12 released, Why Babel is running out of money?, Bootstrap v5, AWS introduced CloudFront Functions

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1._Angular v12 Is Now Released with new changes like,

  • Moving Closer to Ivy Everywhere
  • Transitioning from Legacy i18n Message IDs
  • Nullish Coalescing

For detailed new changes check the link.

2. Babel is used by millions, so why are we running out of money?

3. AWS introduced CloudFront Functions – Run Your Code at the Edge with Low Latency at Any Scale

4. Real-time log monitoring in your browser using NodeJS

5. Bootstrap 5 is here, with new changes starting with new logo and,

  • New offcanvas component
  • New accordion
  • New and updated forms

check out the link to know all the new changes.

6. For all the Prettier user new release Prettier 2.3 is here. Check out the article on detailed changes done.

7. htmr v1.0: HTML string to react element conversion library

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