Javascript News 2nd Week(Feb) – Angular v11.2, Simplifying React State Management, Interactive Guide to CSS Transitions, AI-powered unit testing

1.Angular v11.2 is out now, and it includes native TailwindCSS support!

To setup TailwindCSS in Angular below is the article

2. Latest branch for the V8 javascript engine has been created. It is a small update but it comes with changes like

  • Top-level await
  • Faster calls with an arguments size mismatch

3. Homebrew v3.0 is released now and it comes with changes like

  • Apple Silicon support
  • New bottle format in formulae.

4. 5 React Native Libraries You Might Have Missed

5. One second to read GitHub code with VS Code.

Just add 1s after github and press Enter in the browser address bar for any repository, you want to read.

6. Simplifying React State Management with State Machines

7. An AI-powered unit testing extension for VS Code

Javascript Tutorials

  1. Don’t use functions as callbacks unless they’re designed for it

2. An Interactive Guide to CSS Transitions

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