Javascript News 2nd Week(Dec) – JSX improvement, Vue Router 4, Lyft migrating to NextJs

1.When ReactJS v17 came there were not many noticeable changes you can count but there was a lot of improvement behind the scenes one of them is JSX improvement.

Check the article for more details on JSX improvement.

2. csv-parser which can convert CSV into JSON at rate of around 90,000 rows per second

3. After 33 release candidates Vue Router 4 is officially released as stable. It took developer almost 2 years to complete this release.

Key Highlights:

  • Improved bundle size
  • TypeScript integration
  • Dynamic Routing
  • Improved Navigation system

4. “How Lyft is migrating 100+ frontend microservices to next.js”

5. Interesting fact about console.log in javascript.

From this article we are introducing Javascript related tutorial link

JS tutorials:

1.” 10 JavaScript Array methods to simplify your code.”

2.  VSCode extension for name your functions consistently.

3. The server-less newsletter TypeScript app course (Demo is in link)

4. Sticky table header with React hooks

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