Javascript News 2nd Week(Apr) – Node.js middleware engine for AWS Lambda, TypeScript 4.3 Beta, Vue 3 won’t support IE11, React hooks form v7.0

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1.Node.js middleware engine for AWS Lambda middy released new version with some big changes like,

  • All middlewares now use async/await and have deprecated next(err) and callback(err, response)
  • http-error-handler no longer exposes status code >= 500 by default.

Checkout the link below for more detailed information on the same.

2. A [email protected] console format for development that aims to improve NodeJS development UX by

  • adding the source of the logging statement to the log output
  • optimising readability of each log statement through log statement separation, output colourisation and arg pretty printing

3. E-commerce Website With Django and Vue Tutorial by

4. Announcing TypeScript 4.3 Beta

5. Replacing let with const, Even when it feels impossible

6. Vue 3 won’t support IE11 as per the Vue team: Due to the complexity involved and the amount of other work at hand, it’s been de-prioritized down the road.

7. After two years here is the latest release for React hooks form v7.0

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