Javascript News 1st Week(May) – Babel 7.14.0 Released, Redux 4.1, Next.js 10.2, 15 DevTool Secrets for JavaScript Developers, Node.js 10 went End Of Life

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New month new week and we have bunch of new releases this week.

1. Babel 7.14.0 Released! With new changes like,

  • New class features enabled by default
  • Better ESM-CJS interop
  • TypeScript 4.3

Check out the link for more details.

2. Redux 4.1 Released!

3. Spotlight.js v0.7.0 has finally arrived! With new features like,

  • Added video support
  • Added download feature
  • Added support for mounting HTML node fragments as slides

Check out the link for more details.

4. 15 DevTool Secrets for JavaScript Developers

5. Node.js 10 went ‘end of life’ last Friday
Please be sure you’re using Node.js v12.x or above in your production applications. We recommend v14.x LTS.

6. Mantine open source react components and hooks library with a focus on usability, accessibility and developer experience.

7. Next.js 10.2 Released

8. Interesting observation here about the event loop on stackOverflow by u/Prateeeek

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