Javascript News 1st Week(Jan) – TailwindCSS blocks to use for free, Public API at one place, vsChat: VScode Extension

1.Collection of more than 120 TailwindCSS blocks ready to copy-paste and is 100% free to use. By – Michael_andreuzza

Check out the link given below

2. As a developer we need public APIs for most of the time so here is the one-stop solution for your all public API needs. Just put the API keyword you want to access.

3. As a computer science student we always wanted CS books. Here is a bunch of computer science books which are freely available online for reading. So grab the one which you want to start with.

4. vsChat: VScode Extension that lets you communicate with other developers around the world. Check out the link for the extension

Demo video link

JS Tutorial

1. Javascript features from 2020 that will make your life easy.

2. How to create VSCode extension. Here is video which shows you the same.

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