Javascript News 1st Week(Feb) – Awesome Node: 600 plus NodeJS resource, ES2021 Features, Guide to Centering in CSS, Storing Sensitive User Data in React Native

1.As a javascript beginner have you ever wish for all the free javascript resources at one location if the answer is yes then you have that location now

Checkout the link for all the free javascript resources

2. TOAST UI Chart 4.0 released with changes like

3. npm 7 is now generally available! Below are the changes it is coming with

  • Changes to the lockfile
  • Peer dependencies

4. Awesome Node: 600 plus node package, resources, and links check out the below link for details

5. Get ready to learn how to approach the age-old question faced by many a CSS practitioner:
“How do I center a div?”

6. A Bullet-Proof Approach to Storing Sensitive User Data in React Native

7. For those who are excited about the new ES2021 here are the few new features coming in the next ES release.

8. Cypress vs Selenium vs Playwright vs Puppeteer speed comparison

Tools for this week

1. React Dev Inspector: dev-tool for inspecting react components and jump to local IDE for component code.

2. RunJS: A JavaScript and TypeScript playground/scratchpad for your desktop. It runs code as it’s written and displays formatted results in the output panel on the right.

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