Javascript News 1st Week(Dec) #55– Storybook 6.4, 4x smaller, 50x faster – Rewriting asciinema in Rust, 24 days from node.js to Rust, Prettier 2.5 Released

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1. 4x smaller, 50x faster – Rewriting asciinema in Rust and SolidJS

2. 24 days from node.js to Rust

3. React folder structure for enterprise-level applications

4. Floating UI — a new, low-level positioning library for tooltips, popovers, dropdowns and more with React and React Native support

5. Prettier 2.5 Released: Now with TypeScript 4.5 and MDX v2 Support

6. How Does React Actually Work? React.js Deep Dive

7. Storybook 6.4 – Smaller, faster, and interactive

  • ▶️ Interactive stories to simulate user behavior and tools to debug it
  • ⚡️ On-demand architecture for 3x smaller builds and faster load times
  • ⛸ Automigrate + versioned documentation for easier upgrades
  • 📋 Linter to enforce Storybook best practices
  • 💯 Hundreds more fixes and quality of life improvements

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