Javascript News 1st Week(April) #72– React v18.0 released, Google Issues Emergency Security Update For 3.2 Billion Chrome Users—Attacks Underway, Announcing React Native 0.68

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1. React v18.0 released

2. Google Issues Emergency Security Update For 3.2 Billion Chrome Users—Attacks Underway

3. Visual Studio Code March 2022 version 1.66 released with updates like,

  • Local history – Keep track of local file changes independent of source control
  • Settings editor language filter – Displays available language-specific settings.
  • Terminal find improvements – Matches are highlighted in the terminal panel and scroll bar.

4. Announcing React Native 0.68

5. Parcel v2.4.0 Released: The Zero Config Build Tool

6. When Does React Render Your Component?

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